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Our Mission

       The first thing you will notice about Crystal Clean Vents is we take what we do very seriously.  We are tired of companies taking advantage of customers and giving the good guys a bad name.  We are looking to change the industry, where only the companies that actually do what they say they are going to do will be at your door.  That is why we have taken the time to put together a few “red flags” below for you to read. We cant tell you how many times a customer has gone with a company that is advertising a low coupon price, only to call us after ward to come and do the job right.

       When we come into your home you will notice that we take great pride in making sure that we respect your home and everything in it.  We will never leave a mess on your floors or anywhere else. The first thing we do is put down plastic and wear shoe booties to protect your floors, and we also make sure we protect the corners of your wall by putting up protectors. When we leave, you will be able to tell a noticeable difference in the air you are breathing.

       Another thing we love to do is show you pictures of what was in your ducts or show you the actual items, in all the years we have been doing this there have been some unusual things we have found.  In fact, there have been so many great stories that we have been encouraged to start a blog, it is just fun way of sharing everything we come across. So be sure to check out our blog.


Red Flags. . .

Red Flag #1:  Bait and Switch.  The advertised "special" price is immediately thrown out in favor of a much higher bid.   Most specials cover a limited number of vents, mains and returns.  Most homes will have more than what’s included in the special, so some “up charge” is to be expected.  But watch out if the price jumps 10 times or more!

Red Flag #2:  They say they have a truck mount system but is really just a van with equipment mounted in the back or the equipment looks like it could have been rented.  As powerful as portable vacuums may be, they cannot generate enough suction to pull the dirt out of your ducts. Just think about the size – the volume – of your system.  Ask yourself:  How could a glorified shop vac possibly do the job?

Red Flag #3:  No "snake" to reach deep into vents and main ducts. No matter how powerful the suction, some stuff just won't budge without a little agitation.  Cleaning companies typically use a brush at the end of a snake or an “air whip.”  But be careful; some older homes have insulated ducts.  Agitation brushes can damage the insulation.

Red Flag #4:  They don’t access the trunk box.



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