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Testimonials . . .


Randy is the best! We moved into an old home where the carpet in the basement reeked of pet urine and many other odors, and the upstairs smelled musty and smoky. I don't think the vents had ever been cleaned, and the house was at least 25 years old. We decided to call Randy and he brought his equipment over and by the time he was done, there were no smells or odors left in the house, and the air coming out of the vents was clean.  Something else that we even noticed was the dust on our wood floors was all eliminated as well!

We would highly recommend Randy and Crystal Clean to anyone with a dusty or smelly house, or to anyone with allergies. There's nothing like a good spring-cleaning from the inside out!"


- Todd and Brittney Bagley, Salt Lake City, UT


Our home air vents would continue to send dust particles all throughout our house. We would dust and a couple days later we would have to dust again. We had to clean our tile floors daily and dust would be all around the vents.

We had never heard that you could clean so deeply inside your duct work. When Randy came out and showed us the pictures of our ducts we were disgusted, because we keep our home as clean as possible in the areas we can reach. What a great system! They were so thorough and took a lot of time to clean each area. When the guys had finished the house felt cleaner and the air was much fresher; on top of that the dirt that had accumulated so quickly before was brought to an end. We now find it easy to keep our floors clean and the dust is minimal. Thanks for helping us to have an even cleaner home."

- Cindy & Jerry Cunliffe, South Jordan, UT


Crystal Clean Vents did a fantastic job cleaning the vents in our house. I especially appreciated how careful they were to lay down plastic and keep my house clean. They use state of the art equipment. It made a huge difference in our home. I highly recommend their services."


- Jeff Gardner, Sandy, UT


We had a great experience with Randy. We originally called a company that claimed to clean all the vents in your home for around $60, in the end we were told we had to pay close to $2,000 for what we needed done. This company didn't even have their own truck and the vacuum they had was something we have at home. We were thankful to receive Crystal Cleans number from a friend, Randy came in and gave us a good, honest, bid. He had the equipment to do the job right, and at a price that was MUCH more affordable. We knew he was being honest with us from the beginning.

Within two days he came back cleaned and sanitized our ducts and vents, our home has never smelt better! We have a 16 month at home with severe allergies and asthma, and he is already breathing better. We can finally be at ease knowing that our vents are now clean and we are breathing healthy clean air!

Shane and Kristen Hill, West Valley, UT


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