Thank you for your interest in Crystal Clean Vents, I would love to introduce myself and tell you a little about what we do! I first got into the industry in 1996, working for a company that was based out of Colorado; there I worked myself into a regional manager position and after having an overview of what the company did and what air duct cleaning was about I realized that they were taking advantage of their customers with low coupon prices (which was never the price the customer ended up paying when the job is done), sanitizer that was no more the cinnamon scented water & vacuums that were advertised as truck mount systems but had no more power then your average shop-vac. Therefore in 1999 I jumped on a plane and flew back to Salt Lake City to start a legitimate air duct cleaning business, using the most advanced cleaning techniques, supplies and tools available on the market today.

As a result, most of our business comes by word of mouth from satisfied customers because we were one of the first air duct cleaning companies in Utah to use Power-Vac trucks to ensure the best quality and service to our customers.

Our commitment to providing high quality cleaning and customer satisfaction is our utmost importance, and has been the cornerstone to our success. With on going training and equipment updates Crystal Clean Vents is your best bet to improve the air quality in your home.